We are not connected to any outside infrastructure such as an electrical grid, a municipal sewer system or any other public utility. We are not connected to a satellite at home (unless you take a horse and find a connection!). We generate on-site renewable energy with a solar panel restricted to the bare necessity. We provide natural gas tanks for the fridge and the hot water boilers. The river that flows through the garden provides us with potable water. An ancient Roman system, based on the difference of levels pumps the water up and stores it in a cistern. Wood fuels the chimneys. A Handy Radio is available for emergency.

What we expect from you:

  • Be comfortable driving a 4X4 on altitude paths
  • Have map navigation skills for hiking
  • Be able to start a fire (In the fireplace only!!)
  • Bring flashlights or head lights, boots, own first aid kit, cameras, binoculars, rain gear, one good sweater, a rain poncho, books, full camping gear if needed.