Cows used to share the pastureland with a wild range of animals. Pastureland, on the other hand was rich of a large variety of grasses, wild flowers and gramineous. Our land is untouched and goes back to the Ayampitín and the Comechingones, the “Pueblos originales”. The way we work remains compatible with the conservation and the necessities of our ecological systems.

We understand that the mountain grasslands from Cordoba’s Sierra Chica, Argentina are not monotonous: they harbor rich and complex bio-systems. In one hectare of grass, we can discover 200 varieties of plants and grasses and a magnificent habitat for animals.

Subdivisions in “potreros” and periodic rotation of the herd divided by age and pregnancy allows us to protect the natural cycles of grass growth. We do not overload the paddocks that are an average size of 500 acres. As a result, the indigenous animals, birds, bees and insects can breed and call Campo de las Minas their territory.

One quarter of our planet was once covered in grasslands. Sometimes called prairies, steppe, pampas or savannas: most have disappeared. We pride ourselves to protect the original landscape of the region.