Who we are

Campo de Las Minas is owned and run by a family/team for more than a decade.

My name is Catherine Beeckman.

I am Belgian and was partly raised in Argentina where my parents owned a ranch in the province of Buenos Aires. I resided in 17 countries over the globe. In 1997, I came back to live in South America with my family. We acquired a campo…and went bigger and bigger! Today, I live in Vancouver, Canada with 2 of my 5 children, Diego, Frank, Roxane, Marijke and Maya. I come to Las Minas 2 to 3 months a year. We run this ranch with my little daughter Maya and Juan O’Campo, our friend and manager.

We have regrouped and fenced 25 large paddocks and  built an infrastructure in order to run a cattle ranch. Today, our rodeo is several cow-generations old: healthy, free ranged and 100% grass fed. We promote our story, our respect for the soil, the rivers and the animals on our land. Campo de Las Minas relies on a scientific evaluation of its grassland and fauna. We are aware of erosion, carbon exhaustion, biodiversity corridors and water management. We have a vision.

Our values and the way we run the cattle ranch are compatible.